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Course Selection:

Self-Defense (Ages 13+) – Comprehensive, practical self-defense training for mature youth & adults. The class focuses primarily on hand-to-hand techniques. Tactics covered include stand-up fighting, defensive posturing & action, targeting & striking strategies, clinches & controls, throws & takedowns, as well as ground fighting techniques. Effective use of personal weapons, & how to defend against armed assailants, primarily working with sticks, batons, & training knives

Stand Up (Ages 13+) – Class for mature youth & adults that is focused on improving your stand-up fighting repertoire, which include strikes using the body’s natural weapons, dodges, clinches, compliance locks, takedowns, & safe falling skills. Strikes will be drilled against pads and bags. Techniques practiced against a standing adversary that utilize effective targeting of the anatomical weaknesses on the body.

Ground Fighting (Ages 13+) – Class for mature youth & adults that is focused on improving defensive skills while prone which include fighting from both superior & inferior positions, transitioning between positions, escapes & reversals. Tactics, techniques, and drills will be performed for neutralizing & counter-attacking vulnerable anatomical targets on your opponent.

Weapons (Ages 13+) – Class for mature youth & adults that is focused on effective use of, & defense against, small handheld weapons. The primary weapons used will be training knives & batons (escrima sticks). Use of improvised weapons will be practiced. Effective & efficient tactical targeting will be emphasized.

Self-Defense (Ages 8-12) – Training focused on the specific defensive situations faced by children. Practice includes posturing & carrying oneself with confidence, effective use of one’s voice, escape & de-escalation tactics, anti-bullying, striking & grappling techniques, & strategies for dealing with predatory adults. Training goes beyond simple stranger danger & gives children real survival skills.

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